why plant based

If you are vegan then you probably won’t need us to tell you why plant-based products are much better than the alternatives.

As you know, eating only plant-based foods is the kinder way to get protein and other nutrients into your body without causing any cruelty to animals. 

However, there are even more benefits to eating plant-based products that you might not have been aware of, such as:

a good source of amino acids

The body is not able to produce the essential amino acids and they must be consumed in food or supplements. When you choose to take plant-based supplements, like Fitex’s Amino Acids Shake, you are getting a massive 94% of protein, with 0% fats and 0% carbs.

This means it is a completely lean method of increasing your protein intake, unlike other sources such as whey protein which contains dairy.

A common misconception is that whilst whey provides all nine essential amino acids, plant-based proteins are not able to. With Fitex protein powders, you are still benefiting from all of those essential amino acids that will enable you to achieve your target training results.


muscle building – without the bad side effects

Protein supplements are good for building muscle mass, with the three essential amino acids; valine, leucine and isoleucine all doing their bit to develop muscle, aid body toning and weight loss, as well as repairing body tissue to speed up recovery and reduce muscle fatigue.

Research shows that people training on a vegan diet are able to build muscle just as effectively, as long as they have a high protein diet containing the essential amino acids.

When you are choosing between plant-based and whey protein supplements, you should consider the negative side of whey – such as experiencing flatulence due to the lactose. Whey protein is heavily processed and has a lot of artificial sweeteners in it.

dairy, soy and gluten free

For those people with food intolerances to dairy, gluten or soy, Fitex’s plant-based protein is the best way to manage your intolerances without missing out on the protein content.

Fitex’s protein powders are dairy-free and gluten-free and are therefore ideal for those who are training and have food intolerances.


choose flavoured

or unflavoured

One of the biggest complaints you’ll hear about protein supplements is that they tend to taste pretty awful.

However, Fitex has been working with top nutritionists to develop a solution that ensures the flavour is never an issue. Actually, we have two solutions – we have developed the very tasty Raspberry and Chocolate Swirl Shakes.

Additionally, we have created an unflavoured protein shake that you can add to a smoothie, your baking ingredients or any other recipe. This means you can up your protein intake whilst just adding it to your favourite drinks or meals, without altering the taste.