Raspberry Amino Acids


  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free

If you’re looking for a tasty, vegan-friendly way to add more amino acids into your diet then this is the product for you. The most powerful amino acids; valine, leucine and isoleucine are an essential part of a good training diet, to enable muscle development and reduce muscle fatigue.


This raspberry flavoured Amino Acids Shake provides a healthy, lean way to boost your protein intake in a way that is packed with flavour. It is hard to find a supplement that increases your amino acids intake whilst tasting delicious – until now! Fitex has developed a raspberry flavoured Amino Acids Shake that gives you all of the great training benefits and tastes really good too. With 0% fat, 0% carbohydrate and 94% protein, this is a great way to boost your protein intake and ensure you are benefitting from the key amino acids. You can finally leave those bad tasting protein supplements behind when you switch to Fitex’s great tasting amino acids shakes. Our team of expert nutritionists have been working hard to bring a new, more tasty protein supplement option to the market and we’re proud to announce that it has arrived. The Amino Acids Raspberry Shake is for training athletes who want to increase their muscle mass, lose fat and tone their body. As well as being the tastier amino acids supplement option, with 94% protein content, it packs a strong protein punch and there are no fats or carbohydrates included at all. It will boost your metabolism, aid recovery after your workouts and help you to achieve great muscle-building results. If one of the problems you have found with previous protein shakes is that you don’t like the taste, it is time to give this raspberry flavoured, highly nutritious shake a go. Zero fat, zero carbs - just a purely protein based supplement. Amino acids build blocks of protein to help grow muscle and repair body tissue. There are nine essential amino acids, with isoleucine, leucine and valine being the most important in terms of maintaining muscle mass whilst reducing body fat. The body does not produce these essential amino acids, so it is necessary to get them from food or take supplements in order to gain the benefits. Meat, fish and poultry all contain essential amino acids but for vegans, supplements such as Fitex’s Amino Acids Shake are the alternative solution. Amino acids help the body to perform essential functions such repairing body tissue and developing muscle, which are two big priorities if you are following a training program. Fitex’s Amino Acids Shake has 94g of the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, making it a great choice for anyone looking for fast, effective supplements to boost training. Research shows that the best time to take amino acids is either before or after your workout. One study indicated that taking amino acid supplements before a strengthening exercise resulted in less muscle soreness post-exercise than when taking the supplements after the workout. It is estimated that your amino acids levels will peak around 30 minutes after taking the supplement and exercise during the hour after this is expected to provide optimum muscle building results. The body does not produce these essential amino acids so they must be found in alternative ways and the tasty raspberry shake is the ideal way to easily get them into your diet. As well as tasting really good, the vegan amino acids are the kinder way to increase your protein intake levels, better for you and better for the rest of the planet.

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